1. Place your photo in a Zip-Lock or similar plastic bag between two pieces of
cardboard. Tape the ends of the cardboard together and place in an envelope
or photo mailer. Mark on the outside: "PHOTOS: DO NOT BEND".

2. Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and $20.00
Security Deposit made out to Bill Selby.

3. Include clear instructions for what you want done with your photo(s) - (colorized,
repaired, image adding or removal, etc.)

4. Mail to:

Bill Selby
c/o Image Invention
630 Mangels Ave.
San Francisco, Ca. 94127

You may submit your photo(s) via UPS (insured), Federal Express (insured),
FedEx (insured) or the United States Postal Service (Express Mail insured only!).


NOTE: If you're submitting photos via the internet for an estimate I'll give you a
FREE PRICE QUOTE without you having to pay the $20.00 Security Deposit.

For quality control purposes I always prefer to scan your photo(s) myself on
my own scanners. However, another option is for you to scan your own photo(s)
at a minimum of 300dpi (600dpi maximum), save them out as TIFF, BMP or
JPG files and Email them to me.

If you have photos that have been taken with a DIGITAL CAMERA, please submit
the highest resolution JPEG file your camera can generate (a FINE setting with
1/4 JPEG compression at a FULL 1600 x 1200 pixels is ideal).

Image Invention will not work with web optimized images of 72 dpi as their
resolution and quality is not high enough.