IMAGE INVENTION Brings New Life to Images

digital retouching - restoration
colorizing - combining images
adding/removing people, objects or backgrounds

If you want to preserve treasured photographs from being lost to the ravages of time,
Image Invention will help save the precious memories that are part of your living visual legacy.

Bill Selby, founder of Image Invention, can repair, revitalize, and
restore your damaged photos so that they look brand new - and often better.

1. Send your photos to Image Invention for a price quote (FREE QUOTE via the internet)
2. Give Image Invention the green light to restore your photo
3. View your restored photo(s) online
4. If desired, we make changes to your photo(s)
5. Your original photo(s) and final print(s) are delivered to your door via UPS

1. Your untouched original photo(s)
2. Your new retouched photo(s) digitized on CD (PC or MAC)
3. An 8"x10" enlargement of the retouched photo(s)